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Article: June 4, 2020
Dr. Sidney Cox Ph.D. NH

   phronesis: wisdom in determining ends and the means of attaining them.

When all we can do is protest, then we are either without power to change things or we simply do not care about our future and the future of our children.  The ability to protect our rights from tyranny is the purpose of the second amendment, the right to bear arms.  When the people fear the government it is a government of tyranny. When the government fears the people it is the people who are free and hold the power.  That was the thinking of Thomas Jefferson.  The right to bear arms is the last resort, and typically such resort is the result of the failure to execute the greatest weapon correctly. 


In diplomacy, a show of force, that bearing of arms, is hopefully the last resort.  We seldom understand that the police are not the only show of force as we the people greatly outnumber the minority police who are only supposed to enforce laws that are lawful.  That is why the primary encounter with the police is on a small scale or individual engagement.  In larger confrontations, the police, even using larger scaled weaponry, have difficulty with large crowds of dissenting peoples.


When we cower to suppression by unlawful intimidation, we do not deserve freedom.  It is the END that requires the MEANS by which it is obtained and will remain.  The Police State is not, by law, required to enforce illegal detention or measures that violate the rights of the constitution of these United States.  Phronesis is the spearhead of free-thinking and the basis upon which people understand their rights to life and liberty. 

Some officers of the law, to our great disappointment, will often consider their authority is derived from their uniform and badge, failing to understand that their true authority has major restrictions in a free republic.  Those whom they attempt to exercise authority over are the very people whom they are sworn to protect.  An often forgotten fact.  Their education is limited in many cases to the training given them by their uneducated hierarchy of superiors and their inability to distinguish between what is right and wrong as measured by the understanding of individual RIGHTS.  Even the so-called, "educated" legal prosecutors (lawyers) use their power of legal manipulations to achieve "victory" in courts of law when exculpatory evidence is withheld illegally (it is not illegal for an attorney to make false statements in a court of law).  The end does not always justify the means, as their so-called justice is the means.


The greatest weapon of a national republic such as these united states of America is the power to vote.  The vote, when made morally and objectively, is the weapon feared by politicians who cower behind their police state.  Their false courts of justice wither in time with the decay of the societies they create.  Their destruction of families, values, and decency erode the foundation upon which our republic has stood for over two centuries.  Children cry for the justice they have never known.  The buyer beware analogy is of prime value when it relates to the cost of promises made by the narcissistic politician, the hoity-toity, arrogant non-leader approaching the podium to address "his" constituents.  The arrogant waggle of the head is always a giveaway.  Bush, Clinton, Obama....they all had it.  Pretenders and achievers by riding on a vote by deception.  Why do you think these people, who were not so worthy, became enormously wealthy by the tens of millions?  They are just a higher level of a con than that of the pretend preacher.  The dollars are just much, much higher.

When the protest is the shouting down of others who differ in policy ideas, without listening, it is self-defeating.  We become extensions of dishonesty.  We must recognize the enemies within.  The minions who work for money and who care less for others, ie., the bureaucrats who perform without any regard to thought or reason or morality.  We must recognize the manipulators that prey upon our desires in order to gain our trust and support.  You can believe in a right for all and differ in the morality of that right.  The problem is the application of belief for all.  Your right to murder is, according to mankind's natural law to survive, a contrast to life itself.  Therefore, it is forbidden in its very nature.  The world is infiltrated with deception through media, mind control measures, and deception by fear.

As an American, if you applaud the physical and personal verbal attacks upon your fellow countrymen, in the name of political preference, then you are by definition a traitor to your country.  If you think that your beliefs are a dictatorial measure upon your fellow countrymen, then you are a tyrannical perpetrator.  If you support violence or deprivation in the name of a cause, you are decadent.  If you suppress the voice of anyone who cries out or expresses an opinion you are the tyrant.  Millions of voices have been silenced by the likes of you.  Today it is the social media, the YouTube, Twitter, the Redditt, Facebook, the dime-gods of narcissism.  Power corrupts.  Sycophants of illusion.

Speak up in a voice to shake the enemies of freedom.  Have you ever called your Senator or Congressman?  Email?  Attend your local councils?  The means begins at the threshold of expression.  Those who "represent" us often represent only their own selves.  Passiveness is a weakness equal to violence.  One gives way to the other.  Neither are a means to the end.

We have been told, throughout our lives, that those who occupy elected positions have the best interests of our country (our people) at the forefront of their concerns.  We expect that.  The fallacy of that thinking is in the failure of morality in most leaders, for many are weak deceivers and pretenders.  They will bear the image of history they deserve from the fermented fruits of their own labors of deception.  When their crimes of perpetuity, pedophilia, slavery, and pilfering become known, a  memorial should be erected displaying their names and evil deeds for the world to see and not forgotten for the evil they have done.  It must not be forgotten.  We should never bury the past so that the past is not repeated.  That is the END by the MEANS.  A monument of condemnation.  A hole in the earth leading to a pool of excrement for all to see.  A pit for the egos of the self emulating who emasculate themselves by their own deeds or the betrayers of the motherhood of the world.

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