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Rulers of Law

Peaceful Revolution

March 3, 2016,

by Dr. Sidney G. Cox, Ph.D. ND

I was reading a newspaper editorial-page this morning as well as the political section where a torrent of articles concerning the so-called takeover of the Republican Party by Donald Trump was being Trumpeted by writers as the destruction of the two-party political system in America.

Just a day or so ago a politician of the establishment status-quo made a comment about running as an independent and defended the notion with the historical reference to the 1860 presidential election that featured four parties and generated the well-known presidential victor Abraham Lincoln. Therefore, having more than two parties actually produced an excellent result in his eyes. In the modern-day political arena, we are told that the two-party system is the only way to the light and salvation when in truth it is the simplest way to control as well as divide the masses. Today the advocates of the established GOP and Democratic parties are fuming over the fact that their establishment representatives are being beaten handily or Trumped by establishment outsiders who are voicing an opinion that Washington is broken and needs to be fixed.

On one side of the aisle, we find a candidate being labeled as Socialist as if you are a member of the Communist party if you advocate for fairness, justice, and the end of corporate interference in the people’s government. Of course in America, there are those who only believe in the 1st Amendment when it is convenient.

'Reminds me of a story of biblical proportions'

The words of these two new candidates send a shudder of fear through career politicians and members of the good old boy puppets who have been running the government in a manner which has been lining the pockets of a select group of people and at the same time have created continuous wars throughout the world over the last 40 years in the name of democracy. This good old boys group, and then might I add a few good old girls to make it “look good”, become really upset when they see their apple cart being turned over and all the rotten apples spilling onto the ground, for y’all know that rotten apples are only good for two things: making apple wine and apple brandy or for making vinegar. Of course, the alcohol spirits are for themselves and the vinegar is for the masses. Reminds me of a story of biblical proportions.

The newspapers with their editorials and stories containing fear-mongering, naysaying and rhetoric in regards to the new candidates and politics are nothing more than the same screaming madmen who believe that people have no right to rule themselves and that only they and their cohorts are bright enough and capable enough to rule over them. And when the media is controlled by wealthy corporations who use their advertising dollars as leverage to have their stories told instead of the truth because the average American can’t afford a newspaper subscription let alone pay millions of influence dollars in advertising for radio and TV outlets, it is no wonder that so many are actually clueless as to what is really taking place.


The 10th Amendment Organization has been advocating for years to ratify an amendment to the Constitution that removes the person status decision from corporations that was wrongly upheld by the Supreme Court.  I find it interesting that a corporation can not vote but has a “person” status under the constitution.  Could it be because corporations are under age and not mature enough?

Each day the liberties of Americans and others around the world are being reduced and otherwise placed in jeopardy as a result of the theft of American wealth and the destruction of America values as the public stares blankly at the backs of each other heads in anticipation of the next step, blindly going where most men have gone before, without thought and without reason as long as the wallet in their pocket or purse has some debt notes in it for gas and rent.

With the fear of the establishment rising, the attacks upon Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will become more intense in the attempt to influence the voters and sway those from supporting the outsiders. When in reality what they will not report is the fact that there is a revolution taking place in America and that people are finally waking up to the fact that their country is slowly being stolen from them and that their wealth is being diminished and opportunity is being destroyed and limited. They are waking up to the fact that the system has been rigged and that they’re not going to be able to tell their children and their grandchildren that America is a land of prosperity because there is no certainty anymore.

I go back to an article I read once where a reporter, undetected as such, was standing among a group of businessmen just after the first electronic voting machines were approved for use in the United States. The president of the Diebold Corporation made a comment to a few others within earshot of the reporter to the effect that, “now we will finally be able to control the elections”.


To what extent might we expect the powers behind the Curtain of Oz to allow what is going on to continue before they do something about it? Those with Satanic intent have no limits as to what they do. Justification in their own minds is all that is necessary. We as people think that we can trust others to do things for us. But then again we ourselves justify our own wrongdoings and so we ourselves need to clean our own houses in the process. We also tend to look outward before, if ever, looking inward.


Good luck America, the time of pretense is over.


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