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The Allure of Comfort

The following short advertisement from the 1960s is indicative of suggestive advertising created to foster a mindset of consumption.  This product is a consumable of which the users are enticed to "enjoy"  a comfortable shave with the implication of a large and excessive amount being necessary to achieve said enjoyment.  It is my favorite example of the subject, as I personally was able to achieve a satisfactory shave with 80 percent less.  This may seem to be a minuscule example of mind control; however, the desires of the individual far exceed the discipline of personal control when pleasure is implied as the motivation.

This example is without audio, no sexy voice. and especially no sexy music.  What you can learn from this faux reality is that manipulation of desires is the key to mind control and is also the key to the decline of the individual mind for the benefit of those who wish to control you.  Simple isn't it?  Many people who consider themselves as substantive, civil and moral men and women are weakened by the manipulative media professionals whose objective is to control you and the actions of you for their benefit.

Whether it is political, financial or even emotional gain, when you fail to understand that the masses of people are gamed for the advantage of others, they themselves become subjects of the game.  It is a perpetuating process of power-mongering from the depths of misguided souls, the recognition of which is the salvation of the nation.  This recognition is the opening eye to the light and the destruction of the darkness of mind control.  They reduce the rat chasing the tail scenario to simple terms by exploiting the decadent desires those who have no self-control, a continuous cycle of evil.  That is the goal of the power elitist.  Who pays the price?  Who should pay the price?

Truth or fiction?

FDA CDC Pharma Collusion

lies protect profits


Many years ago, in Franklin County, Nebraska, a ring of "black state operations" was revealed which made known the use of illegal sexual acts to compromise and thus control businessmen and politicians.  The story was revealed in book and TV programming as the Franklin Coverup, The Franklin Scandal, and the BBC video, Conspiracy of Silence.  Sadly the BBC video to be aired concerning the child sex trafficking and video/photo compromising was pulled at the last minute though the video, fortunately, can be found on YouTube.

The head of the California Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, John W. DeCamp, retired honorably after over 30 years of service.  He was drawn to the criminal activities in Franklin.

Sadly, the actual crimes committed may be covered up.  The threat of repercussions may prevent disclosures of higher charges and can prevent prosecutors from pursuing higher accusations of criminal acts.  We may never know; however, the propensity to protect those who perpetrate crimes against the innocent appears to be fueled by controlling entities behind the scenes.

If you think that vulnerable young people are not marketed for profit by demented and immoral profiteers, without remorse, then you are sadly blind to reality.  If 1 percent of the US population portrayed sick mental profiles that, alone would represent 3.6 million individuals.

Then you add to this, the vulnerable young that are taken advantage of.

CNN reports:

Previous arrests include:

  • Cedric Cuthbert, the night shift custodial manager at Disney’s Port Orleans resort, who was downloading child porn last year on his work computer while writing a sermon for his church, where he was the pastor, according to police. Cuthbert pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to six years in prison.

  • Paul Fazio, who worked in an Animal Kingdom Lodge gift shop. Fazio was convicted of downloading videos showing “multiple scenes of nude prepubescent children engaging in sexual activity with adults and other children,” the police report said.

  • William Marrero-Maldonado, who worked for Disney security. He was arrested in April after an Osceola County Sheriff’s Office investigation claimed that he was downloading child porn videos. He has pleaded not guilty.

Enjoy Your Milk

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