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Why Democrats Are So Panicky

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Crimes will follow you no matter where you go. If you look at the demeanor of our "faithful" representatives, elected by the everyday people of the country, you would think that they are fighting a great fight for all of us. Yet, the falsehoods and obvious claims by these political advocates contradict facts and push only emotional rhetoric that promotes their personal welfare in the political arena.

Criminals are in many ways victims of their own desires. What is and what is desire can blend together in a manner that fogs the mind. The virtues of truth will always benefit. The deceptions of lies only beget lies and harm. The promise of truth and the goodwill it provides creates momentum for all. What is more important than truth? Perhaps you in your own mind and desires.

We are not animals, even though many of humankind think and act so. When advocates of control believe they have an authority to take from others to give a pandered following a small appeasement to generate an aggregate of support (those dependents seeking controllers) violate the basic law of justice. They monetize the the promises as payment for support, while buying the votes for their own profiteering. Buying of votes with false promises is a fraud against society. It permeates the electoral system as well as the manipulation of voting systems that deny the people of their rightful leadership through deception. Most of mankind is good. As a result, they are expecting the same of others.

Suddenly we have a demand for voting law changes. Are the changes advocated justified by the demanding?

Voter ID is a topic of national concern. If you vote while an illegal voter votes against you, then your vote is nullified. Is that fair? What if the illegal voter is paid to vote? What if the illegal is coerced to vote? What if the voter died 10 years ago? What if your vote is taken away or stolen? When does voting not exist? Who are you? When does your vote become worthless?

Ask a Socialist when you only have one choice because the system is rigged. So your desired ......politician is elected because of illegal voting. What you have is a system that will always deny your vote and your future desires may not be realized. Freedom is not based upon illusions, it is based upon education, fairness and opportunity. All of these are in despair. So you win the election under pretenses, your future is more unstable, because those who exercise pretenses cannot be trusted. They are the knife in the back of those who are willing to sacrifice truth, fairness and justice in the name of an illusionist cause. Pray for yourself in such a case. Practitioners of falsehoods dig many graves for those who realize they have been deceived.

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