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VIRUS, The Human Virus, No Vaccine please.....

BATTLE SITE: This is the setting on the gunner's sighting system that (1500 meters, just short of one mile) the projectile fired would not deviate in elevation to the targeted object, enemy tank, personnel carrier, etc., enough to miss the target and eliminates the input of distance correction to guarantee the hit on the target, saving time in the engagement. 1500 meters is just short of one mile. The velocity (speed) of the the projectile is 6,300 -+ feet per second. That is one mile per second. The elevation declining trajectory is almost a straight line. (2 feet over ONE MILE)

In other words, "Gunner, battle site, tank, fire, target, cease fire" and the engagement is over.

Death is not the solution to peace.

The mental virus that we deny.

One MILE. That is reality. One death, that is reality. One Reality is your perception of truth when it comes to information. What you believe is often what you wish over and above what is reality. Death is real. You will one day experience it. Putting it behind you is just another way of disowning your eventuality. Your eventuality is your reality. The value of your eventuality is the summation of what you have experienced. The value of the experience is correlated to your appreciation of and devotion to understanding the value of others who also have an eventuality of their own. We are all connected.

From the ancient past to the present we are connected. Our individuality is as defined as the air that encompasses the earthly planet we recognize as home. It moves and passes between us. It is an invisible ocean we are a part of but do not realize. You are you as I am I and we are we. Our ancestry is what we are and we are our future ancestry. We are extensions of the past and the eventual past extensions of the the future. It is very simple. We are what we desire to become, not as we think individually, but as we desire as one. Where we go one we go all.

Time is an extension of the past. We worry ourselves by fearing the future and thus disconnecting ourselves from expectations of our own potential creation. Why should we not believe in possibilities that present "accepted" (false) rules that a we do not define? What if the past is not presented in factual reality? What if the science we know today is faulty upon it's basic foundation. Why do the practitioners of the "authority prodigies" continue to rule when the dictatorial rules of the authority are not authority except by their own hereditary claims, manipulated by internal and external design? Why do we abide by the dictates of organized corruption that presents desire as fact when the basis of their argument is founded in illusions created by desire?

Have I lost you? If so, I suggest you read and reread until the truth for you becomes apparent. Examine the ME that is me that is we. Where we go one we go all.

If you desire peace, prosperity and unity, then there we go all, otherwise we are alone.

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