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Virus Overshadows Snooping Laws

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Just prior to the passing of the outbreak of Covid 19 the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act was the big topic in the news and on the web. The House of Representatives passed legislation reauthorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which is the largest invasion of privacy and violation of constitutional privacy in the history of the nation. So the timing of the legislation, just prior to the Covid 19 virus "crisis", smells in a "sewagely" way of 911 crisis advantage maneuvering by Big Brother political preachers who like to control the minds of the "flock", as well as knowing their private thoughts.

Coincidence? Maybe. But in these times of in your face fake news and false accusations, not to mention the endless political investigations which have revealed nothing but egg on the faces of the investigators, the shadowy actions of subversive actors in the bureaucracy seem to be expected and dark coincidences appear to be a norm.

As I have written, coined phrases and words such as conspiracy theory, tinfoil hat, political correctness, etc., are media mind control triggers which imply stupidity, low IQ, ignorance, mental imbalance, hatefulness, etc. which reduce valid questions to baseless ridicule. When the label is applied by media and social media trolls, the true measure of the claim is typically unsubstantiated. In other words, the projectionist of the label has no evidence to disprove the theory or reasoning, only a derogatory attack upon the theorists who may be proven right in time. Thus, prejudiced minded thinkers only accept what they believe and not what is known. Knowing is greater than believing. It is truth. Truth always wins in time. Reality defeats fiction in the end. Disparaging name calling is the lesser of the intellectual discussion as it is not a discussion at all but frustration in the name of unsubstantiated disagreement.

I perceive an ulterior motive behind the virus pandemic. It's purpose, so heavily vindicated and promulgated by the media on a nonstop 24/7 schedule, is quite obvious. It appears to be the last great hope to defeat the untouchable, thus far, President who has become more and more respected by the people. His opponents loath at his popularity like arrogant nose lifting, self eulogizing, all knowing controllers. We have met them in every avenue and location in life. They tell you how to live, how to feel and how to kneel at their feet.

Their followers are the sycophants of adoration, the cult of personality that respond to the pied pipers of song, the actors of stage and screen, they are the worshipers of imaginary personalities, many of whom are bought and paid for, compromised or terrorized in the name of money and fame. The media mouths are the boot "lickers" and worshipers of the scum of the dark sewers of the soul. Sellouts of their brothers and sisters in the name of fame and preservation, personal emulation.

So what is the cover for. The viral cover that occupies the mind, community, utilities, economy and daily function of life in the ENTIRE WORLD? It's the flu man, nothing more and nothing less. The false narrative is the pandemic. The key is in the background.

Where are the videos and photos of crowded hospitals with dying patients. We see empty streets and empty stores but very few on social media who make up the massive stories of testimony. Here and there we are finding small incidents of illness but nothing resembling pandemic proportions.

All we have are the pontificates of gloom and doom. They will tell us that the stock markets determine the success of the economy. Stock markets only portray the level of fear in the minds of the wealthier segment of our brothers and sisters who worship the bottom line in their portfolios. They fear that they will be lowered to a financial position equivalent to the average "deplorable" as HR Clinton prefers to refer or that their next car will have a lesser name on the grill.

A question to consider is the source of the numbers. We are told what the facts are; however, if the facts are inaccurate then what assumptions are conceived? If a witness lies to the jury, the jury can make false conclusions. Are we to believe the sudden attack of a microbe on humanity (jumanity) (Jumanji)?

The speed of the spread is tied to the extremely high level communication of the virus they say. Yet, if you consider the number on people on a cruise ship at 3500 and 700 are afflicted with it, why did the 2800 miss out after weeks at sea in a closed environment with a tied air and water circulation system, crowded eating areas, etc.?

Why are so many celebrities testing positive in a disproportionate manner compared to the rest of society? Every time you turn on the Fake News you hear about some celeb that is isolating themselves for testing positive. The funny thing about this is that testing is not performed on anyone unless they have symptoms, yet, they announce that they do not have symptoms so far even though they have tested positive. ???????

OK. Sounds like Hollywood! Do they need that much attention?

There is a lot of chatter about this being a cover for a transition. The transition is something I cannot address. I have no knowledge of fact, only innuendo. Suggestion is that the transition involves the arrest of prominent individuals who have high profile positions that have committed high crimes such as treason and money laundering of government funds. The virus distraction lessens the aggravation of high profile sycophants.

Another is the transition of the monetary system from the corrupt central, theft banking system we have been shackled under for the last 100+ years. This is long over due of course, but the necessity of this kind of transition is reasonable and unreasonable. The other side of the process is far more advantageous than any downside of the system on a temporary basis. When the stress of the monetary system is taken off of the shoulders of our sisters and brothers, the future will be glorious. As Winston Churchhill once said, and I paraphrase, "Never let a good crisis go to waste".

The milking in this case could go to a GREAT positive extreme. It could change the world for the better, forever, almost overnight. The controllers though, fear the loss of control over the deplorables and could do all and anything possible to preserve their monetary control of the world. What is the greatest evil in the world? There are many to chose from. What do they have to gain when so many have nothing.

It is a world of abundance and the controllers deprive. Nothing is wrong with wealth, it is what the wealthy do with wealth that matters. Stealing is not the answer, destroying the illusion of wealth, phony fiat currency and phony markets is. It takes honest, uncompromised leaders and morality to make the change. The system requires capital, just what measure of capital is the question. How does a bitcoin become value? Desire? Need? Exchange and acceptance? Illusion? How does a Federal Note, (Note: debt instrument in law) have value? Tied to petroleum? As the FED has stated, the value of a Federal Reserve Note is based upon the perception of value. Then what is inflation? It is not complicated.

From virus to snooping. Too many people in this country love their party, political and social, thinking of only their own desires without considering others. Give. Such a good rule. Respect privacy. Don't look at women in their hotel rooms via their open laptops. Would you want someone to look at and record your loved ones naked? That is what they have done. It is not right. It is sick to the heart of the soul.

It goes on and on. There is a right and a wrong. Some understand this and others do not. The illusion continues. The ME concept continues.

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