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Virus Linked to Deception

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Many individuals are taking to the streets in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, to name a few, looking for patients, patient lines, testing lines, etc., only to find empty areas and parking lots without lines or crowding.

News channels have been caught airing video footage of foreign training facilities and foreign facilities implicated in their reporting as legitimate US medical operations. Why? Can they not find a crowded US medical facility?

In China, according to videos on YouTube, people are recorded falling face down in the streets and having convulsions and dying. These phone videos show up at about the time that the scary pandemic appears in the US. There were over 37 of them. Now consider that if 37 people fall dead just as someone is recording it and do the math as to the possibility of someone doing a recording and then consider the math as to the number of people falling dead in China then why are there such low numbers in China? Why do we not see the same videos in this country? The US has taken over the death toll for Covid19 in the world. Do you get it? 10,000 deaths in NY? Really? What is the normal death rate in NY over a 2 month period?

What if the flu from China is the same flu that hit the US in late December 2019 through January 2020 killing over 50,000 people (no one talked about it in the media) is the same flu? As a matter of fact, the flu has broken a US record this year. Not the Covid19 but the N1A1 flu which has killed over 80,000 Americans this flu season. Why are they not talking about the N1A1 flu?

Why did the CDC, NIH, and WHO estimate that 2 to 3 million would die in the US? Why was it adjusted to 2 million in the US and then adjusted to 200,000 and then to 100,000 to 80,000 and most recently to 60,000? Are the World Know It All "doctors" backtracking? What was the game changer?

So, because the professional "scientists" (think climate change, cancer research, etc.) claimed that 2+ MILLION PEOPLE WILL DIE IN THE US, the economy, the people and the world should be shut down? The flu panderdimic is actually the flufalsedimic scam of the media and the deep demented state, designed to disrupt the thinking of Americans, in an attempt to control Americans. Destroying the progress of a professional businessman, who knows how to run government like a professional, is the apparent goal. The people that occupy the positions of government and who plot against elected officials that represent the MAJORITY of Americans who elected those officials are nothing more that traitors. They are the scum of the the swamp.

That is you, mainstream media, leftist desiring fools, idiot sycophants and perverted degenerates that believe in cuddling to the excrement of devils.

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