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The End of Anti-Freedom

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Dr. Sidney G. Cox, PhD., NH MENSA, Intertel, Army Officer Retired

Our sovereignty, as we the people of God, is not powerless against evil. We give those who are positioned in minimized power, measured control over those who create structure in governance. Because an elected “official” assumes office does not decree absolute authority over the individual but allows for the management of governance for the benefit of all people under the limits of the Constitution of these united states of America. Tyranny begins and ends at the limits of the document.

We will always have sycophants and narcissists that wish to destroy and steal from good people who would only wish to those tyrants goodwill. The faux priest, the pretend pastor, and the deceptive scoutmaster, coach, physician, ad nauseum, are only testimony of cancer that prevails in this decaying world society. Good people only wish the welfare of all in good passion. That wish ends at the moment that trusted people fail in their trust via their own predatory actions. Evil has no justification.

Human child trafficking, lies, and deception, are the fomentation of the paid and greedy media. They, the media, cover-up facts of this vile process of killing and mutilating young people who are sold into oblivion without choice, opportunity, and future. If you cannot face up to the sickness of this human trade then maybe you should consider that it is not foreign to these American states, but it is worldwide. They ship humans via containers on some of the largest vessels in the world. Some do not survive. Those who survive do not survive in life.

We do not need the normalcy of the last 100 years (creation of the Fed Reserve, etc.) We need a restoration of the Republic. If we only complain and do not get involved, educate ourselves in the true law and act upon it, this will all be in vain. Have you contacted your representative and demand they do the bidding of the people? Have you put them on Notice that they are liable to the people for their actions? Have you given them Notice that the people rule this country and politicians derive their power from us? Have you given them Notice that they are liable, to the personal detriment, to those who SELECT them by faux vote process, to fulfill their oath and failure to do so they are in violation of their oath when they do anything against the Constitutions of the states? Even if elected by the fraudulent measure they are obligated by their oath and hanging is a measure of this violation.

Have you sworn out an affidavit to these facts by certified mail, that "YOU" are their superior and they are merely a service representative? Are you sheep or are you, warriors?

Only the weak and subservient pander to the false political prophets. If you fear for your life and abstain from action, you may find yourself answering to a higher power than any power posed by the living. You may find yourself witnessing the blood-letting of your neighbor who stood up for your right to speak. Are you willing to hide behind the blood of those who stand for freedom and life, truth and Light?

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