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Battle Sight: Fire at  will!


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Babies are born every day in shanty huts, under thatched roofs or in hot houses in steaming worlds of impoverished pain   Are they less fortunate than anyone?  We have perspectives in our own lives by association and experience.  If you have never experienced the "refreshing taste of Coke" you would not have the perspective of having that experience; therefore, you would not desire that which you have not known.  Maybe you would be better off in many ways.  But in that perspective you would not have that experience and therefore you would not know what you have missed, yet we are so discerning about the fragrance of our deodorant.

Life has many possibilities.  The primary experience is the living existence you are "born" into.  We look at the external world with eyes of creation in our own biased image.  As has been said, "beauty, ugly, smart, stupid" is in the eye of the beholder. 

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

The most impressionable years of my life were much the same for everyone.  The factions of influence came from my mother and subsequently my siblings and friends.  To avoid discomfort for my family members I will make reservations as best I can. 


As with most people, there is a point of evolution of mind (spirit); whereby, we develop an awareness that reality is an understanding that life is in some respect a "movie script".  If we need to experience pain we will generate it by our actions (acting) and if we need to experience acceptance, we often reject it by our actions, depending upon our desires.  So, often our lives revolve around desires and observations, along with interpretations of observations that will thus manipulate our desires and disappointments in the interactions with others as needed or wanted.   What we observe becomes fractured by desires and expectations which in turn alters the result.  Thus, we have an existence in the now or moment.  Thus, we design our living moments, day by day, moment by moment, without any awareness that we are designing anything within a script which originated from the designs of our needs to progress to higher states of evolution.   Fractured life and spiritual progression.  It can be expressed in many ways.

The difference between Psychological Evaluation and reality in Spiritual evolution?  It is the difference between the expectations of the establishment view of the cognitive world and the world we have created for ourselves.  Which world do you choose?

Imagine living alone in the world.  Imagine the words that you speak from the thoughts you conceive having no reception for interaction and conversation, no one to share, abuse, inspire, degrade, manipulate, aggravate, intimidate, etc.  Imagine that you are the only listener.  Would your thoughts matter?  Only to you.  There are many of us.  Which one is of importance?  Which idea is the most important?  Are you the dictator of lives?  Are you the controller, manipulator, agitator, and suppressor?  If there were no others than you, who would you enslave?    If there were only one frail species left, would you enslave it by deprivation or would you share your abilities (powers of communication) with IT? 

Where would words originate from?  If you were the only living being in your world would you formulate thought into words?  How would you communicate with yourself other than image associations in your mind?  Do you need others to feel a purpose?  How do words create power?  How would your design, say, an atom or a cube?  Would you depend upon a predecessor of knowledge that did not exist?  What language describes God best?  What is God's name?  Does God need a name?  Is the name all-knowing, all-wise, omniscient?  Is it possible to give the origins of life a name fitting of such love and devotion to all living life?


If knowledge is a word or any language, then knowledge is God.  What would a man be without it?  The bridge between reality and subjective thinking is Creation.  We define God as creation.  Our words, failing descriptions and desires, are feeble extensions of that creation.  There is no praise that is worthy of the thankfulness for our existence.  Words are our connection to each other.  More advanced than mere sounds and gestures, they are meaningful in positive and evil ways.  The words are the difference between Mankind and the beast.  We are intended to overcome the desires of the beast.  That is our purpose.  The Word is the purpose and we are the recipients of the Word.  There is no other purpose.  The beast has no word and the evil of the world is like the beast, it has no words, only replications of the spiritual man.  That is why pretenders project themselves upon the spirit of man.  Their powers are limited by their deeds and desires.  They profess their evils upon the innocent to cover their own sickness of decadent souls.

(to be continued)